For the record

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"For the record" allows the community to read about the views of the TAC on current issues.

For the record - In response to legislative changes to TAC Act - 18 Oct 2013

Letter to the Editor from TAC CEO Janet Dore Public commentary from the legal fraternity about proposed new changes to the Transport Accident Act 1986 has been both misleading and unnecessarily alarming. The TAC is committed to supporting Victorians who are injured or lose their loved ones in a transport

For the record - In response to Peter Moore's Geelong Advertiser column - 04 Oct 2013

Response to Peter Moore’s Geelong Advertiser column Thursday October 3Peter Moore, it seems, is again most upset about the TAC’s “preoccupation” with speed limits.The fact is that excessive or inappropriate speed is the primary cause of around a third of fatalities in Victoria.The TAC is committed with its road safety

For the record - In response to Wheels Magazine speeding stunt - 13 Sep 2013

Wheels Magazine’s recent stunt to have a journalist drive 130kmh on the Hume Freeway showed little respect for others on the roads. Driving at speeds 20km/h over the limit is senseless and puts the driver’s life, and other road users’ lives, at great risk. The speed limits are in place

For the record - In response to Dean Frenkel - 04 Jun 2013

For the record, I strongly disagree with hypnotherapist Dean Frenkel’s opinion that the TAC’s fatigue campaigns may have become a contributor to increased driver fatigue and road trauma (“We should wake up to hypnotic road signs” Herald Sun, 4 June). In fact, research proves that the opposite has occurred and

For the record - Clarification of TAC payments for cyclists and pedestrians - 07 May 2013

The Herald Sun recently reported that TAC payments to cyclists from 2007 to 2012 were $558 million and pedestrian payments were $165 million. These figures were reported in reverse order. It should have reported that pedestrian payments were $558 million and cyclist costs were $165 million. Read the Herald Sun