Living in bush fire risk areas

This information is to help TAC clients who live in bushfire risk areas. It is not intended to provide any recommendations about how you can or should prepare for the bushfire season. This is the responsibility of an individual and family.

During the bushfire season, the Country Fire Authority recommends that all Victorians should:

  • Clean up around your home and property
  • Make a fire plan
  • Learn how to protect yourself and your family
  • Be fire ready

More information about how to do this is on the Country Fire Authority website.

TAC support

The TAC may be able to provide support in the following ways.

Prepare your property

We can consider requests to pay for reasonable help to minimise fire danger on your property. We can do this if you can't do these tasks because of your transport accident injuries.

For example, cutting long grass or clearing dry leaf litter from house gutters.

Note: We can't pay for services which you could not reasonably have done for yourself before your accident. For example, cutting down and removing a large tree.

For more information, please refer to Support at home.

Develop a bushfire survival plan

The Country Fire Authority (CFA), recommends that all people in bushfire risk areas prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan. Please refer to the CFA website for information about Bushfire Survival Plans.

If you need help to develop a Bushfire Survival Plan, you should contact your local Council or the CFA. This is to make sure that your plan is appropriate for your local area. This includes identifying appropriate exit routes. Your GP will be able to help you work out any special needs you may have to consider in the event of a bushfire emergency.

TAC clients who use attendant care services should also speak with their service provider. This is to make sure they are aware of your needs and your intentions.

Emergency accommodation

You should speak to your GP and your attendant care service provider to work out your emergency accommodation options. This is if you need to relocate during a bushfire. This is particularly important to make sure your services continue during an emergency.

Continuation of services

If you have any concerns about the continuation of attendant care services in the event of a bushfire warning or emergency, you should speak to your service provider directly.


If you have any questions about the travel expenses we can pay, please refer to our travel and accommodation page.