Supporting you after a transport accident

What is the TAC?

The TAC is a Victorian Government-owned organisation. We are here to support you after your transport accident and can help pay for the treatment and services you need, regardless of who was at fault.

What we cover

The TAC can provide a range of support depending on your circumstances. The support we provide may include:

  • Helping to pay for medical treatment and services you need as a result of your accident injuries.
  • Support services to help you while you recover.
  • Income support if you can’t work because of your accident injuries.
  • Return to work support for you and your employer.
  • A lump sum payment if you are eligible for compensation.

We don’t cover things such as:

  • Damage to your car, motorbike, scooter, bicycle or other type of transport.
  • Damage to non-medical personal items (motorcycle gear, clothes, mobile phones etc).
  • Services that are not related to your transport accident or payable under our legislation.

Approved treatments and services

In the first 90 days after your accident, there are some treatments and services the TAC can help pay for without the need for you to contact us for approval first. See the list over the page and at

We will monitor your recovery progress. We may contact you or your health and service providers during this time to discuss your treatment and the support you need.

You will need TAC approval to help pay for treatments or services after the first 90 days of your accident.

How to get an approved treatment or service

  1. Speak to your doctor or hospital treating team about your treatment options. Ask for a referral if required.
  2. Choose a health or service provider for your recommended treatment or service.
  3. Call to make an appointment and tell them you are a TAC client.
  4. Give them your TAC claim number.

Paying for your treatment

In most cases, we will pay your provider directly. We pay for approved treatments and services at the TAC rate. If your provider charges more than this, they may pass on the extra cost to you. This is known as a gap payment.

If you pay for your treatment or service in full, we will reimburse you at the TAC rate. Scan or take a photo of your receipt and send it to us through the myTAC portal or app at

Find out more about TAC rates and reimbursements at

When we need more information about your treatment

At times we may ask your providers for information or a treatment plan to help us understand more about your injuries and the treatment and support you need. We use this information to make decisions about what we can help pay for and for how long.

What we can help pay for

In the first 90 days after your accident, the TAC will help pay for these treatments and services without the need for you to contact us for approval first.

These treatments and services must be:

  • recommended by your doctor or health professional, and
  • for your accident injuries.

When you need to contact us for approval

You or your provider will need to ask for TAC approval to help pay for a treatment or service when:

  • The treatment or service is not listed above, or
  • It is approaching or more than 90 days since your accident and we have not approved further treatment or services, or
  • It has been more than 6 months since you’ve had any treatment or service paid for by the TAC.

Clients with major injuries

If you have longer term injuries, we will work with you and your support team to plan your goals and coordinate the ongoing treatment and services you need.