Common Law Protocols

The Common Law Protocols are an agreement that outlines how the TAC and your personal injury lawyer work together during your common law compensation claim.

The Protocols were developed by the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV), the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) and the TAC to make the legal process faster and easier. Most lawyers who are members of the LIV or the ALA follow them.

Engaging a lawyer who follows the Protocols will generally result in a faster and easier outcome for your claim. It is also likely your case will resolve without having to go to Court. This may also mean less legal costs for you.

Your lawyer will help you through the process and provide you with tailored and independent legal advice.

You are entitled to ask a lawyer if they operate within the Protocols before engaging them.

The below documents summarise the Protocols. These have been agreed by the TAC, LIV and ALA. They cover common law entitlements, assessment procedures, information exchange and settlement.