Additional disability support services

When your injuries are severe or you have spent a long time in hospital, you may need extra support.

We will pay for additional disability support services provided in Australia, which are designed to help you build capabilities and independence.

How can additional disability support services help?

If you need more support than your treatment team can offer you, disability services provide extra help and assistance.

  • Case Management can support you with things like finding suitable accommodation, crisis management planning, re-establishing your role in the community and assistance with transition planning.
  • The Outreach Service offers mental health and behavioural support to help you achieve a specific goal you when you need it and can provide support in getting out into the community, improving day to day living skills and maintaining accommodation. You will be supported to make decisions and tailor the support and services you receive.
  • The Multiple and Complex Needs Model (MACNM) helps when you have many support needs, after other options have been tried. They will help you work out what is important to you, support you with health, housing and social connections. The TAC's preferred service provider for MACNM is Co-Health.
  • The Client Independence Skill Services (CISS) helps people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) to learn or relearn a skill over a 12 week period.

How we approve these services

We pay for a consultation with your treater to give you the opportunity to tell them what is important to you in getting your life back on track and maximising your independence.

These services can also be recommended to you by family members, a guardian or an administrator.  We will take into consideration their recommendations when considering your participation.

Your treating team will work with you to identify specific goals and recommend an appropriate service to meet your needs. Your goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

How these services are paid for

We pay for your treatments:

  • Directly to your service provider, when you have provided them with your TAC claim number, or
  • If you have to pay, use myTAC to send a copy of your receipt to us and we will repay you.

We pay for your services in line with our responsibilities under the Transport Accident Act 1986.

How much we will pay

For a list of rates, see:

What we won’t pay for

We can’t pay for services that:

  • Do not treat your transport accident injuries.
  • Are not reasonable, necessary or appropriate.
  • Are not clinically justified, safe and effective.