Getting paid

If you invoice online with LanternPay

Providers who use the LanternPay online payment platform can submit TAC invoices and get payment confirmation, all within LanternPay.

If you invoice by email or post

For providers who invoice by email or post, we pay direct to your bank account.

You can then access your remittance online via Westpac PaymentsPlus.

Remittances through Westpac PaymentsPlus

From 1 July 2022, we are phasing out paper remittances. TAC remittances can be accessed online via Westpac PaymentsPlus.

All providers who invoice by email or post and do not yet use Westpac PaymentsPlus should register for this free tool.

Starting in June 2022 you will be emailed an invitation to register, or you can get started now using this link:

Register for Westpac PaymentsPlus

There are many advantages to Westpac Payments Plus:

  • Free to use and makes it quick and easy to manage your TAC remittances online
  • A secure and simple way to access, store and search your TAC remittances
  • Get your TAC remittances within 24 hours of payment
  • Easy access to payment history information and reports from the date you register with Westpac PaymentsPlus

If you have any questions about your Westpac PaymentsPlus account, please contact us at


Are there any fees to use Westpac PaymentsPlus?

Westpac PaymentsPlus is free to use. There are no fees of any kind.

How long after I get paid will I receive my remittance?

The next day. You can access your remittance in Westpac PaymentsPlus within 24 hours of payment.

What if I still want paper remittances mailed to me?

We no longer offer mailed paper remittances. TAC remittances can be accessed via Westpac PaymentsPlus.

How far back can I access my remittances?

The date of your registration with Westpac PaymentsPlus. All remittances from that point will be available to you.

If I use LanternPay for all of my TAC invoicing, do I need to register for Westpac PaymentsPlus?

No. Westpac PaymentsPlus is needed only to access remittances for invoices sent by email or post.

When you submit an invoice online through LanternPay, all payment confirmation takes place within the LanternPay platform.

What if I use LanternPay to invoice for some services, and use email or post to invoice for other services?

If you use LanternPay exclusively, there is no need to register for Westpac PaymentsPlus.

But if you email or post an invoice for any service delivered to a TAC client, Westpac PaymentsPlus is the only way to access a remittance for that payment.

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