Deb - High Heels

Deb's high heels took her everywhere. On trips to Paris, to dancefloors and on top of coffee tables – it just wasn't a party at Deb's place if somebody didn't end up dancing on the furniture. There were also the special pairs, such as the ones she'd picked out to wear to her daughter's wedding.

Deb was driving home from work one day in 2015 when the vehicle behind her at the traffic lights accelerated into the back of her car. The driver walked away with no injuries, a fine to pay and a driver education course to complete.

Deb wasn’t so lucky. The crash left her with three broken ribs, a shattered knee and lasting damage to the discs in her back. Her injuries also prevented her from ever wearing her beloved high heels again.

Suddenly a symbol of what she could no longer do, the high heels that gave Deb confidence became decorative. She displayed them around her house and chose something new to wear to the wedding.

Her home couldn't accommodate her new set of needs, forcing her to sell the house and move into something more accessible – a retirement village. In all of that change, Deb held onto the important things, such as her love of travel. Last year, she went on her first interstate holiday since the incident.

It’s thanks to the love and support from her daughter, brother, extended family, friends and Road Trauma Support Services Victoria that Deb has been able to work through the troubled and tough times.

Eventually, Deb let go of her collection of high heels. As beautiful as they were, she learned that she could be just as vibrant without the daily reminder of her life before.