How the TAC can help

The TAC pays for medical treatment, rehabilitation services, disability services, income assistance, travel and household support services to help you get your life back on track after a transport accident.

The types of treatment and support services available to you are outlined below. For information on a specific treatment, please see the What the TAC can pay for section.

Information on income assistance is in the Work and income section.


Ambulance services

The TAC can pay for transport from the accident scene to hospital and, where required, from one hospital to another.
Household Support Services

Hospital services

The TAC pays for treatment at a public, private or rehabilitation hospital.
Nursing Services

Nursing services

For example, the TAC pays if you need home visits after you are discharged from hospital.
medical services

Medical services*

For example, visits to your family doctor and specialist doctor. 


The TAC pays for medical imaging required to diagnose your injuries, such as x-ray, CT/CAT scans, MRI and ultrasound.


The TAC pays for medicine prescribed by your doctor and provided by a pharmacist.


The TAC pays for the hire or purchase of equipment that your health professional recommends for your accident injury, such as crutches.
Dental services

Dental services*

If your teeth were damaged in the accident, the TAC pays for you to have them restored.
medical services

Medical aids*

The TAC pays for the repair or replacement of certain aids damaged in your accident like glasses, hearing aids, mobility aids or dentures.
Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services

The TAC pays for the rehabilitation services that you need due to your accident. For example, working with an occupational therapist on a return to work program.

Therapy services*

For example, physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry, optometry, osteopathy and psychology.
Household Support Services

Household support services

This includes services like housekeeping and gardening, while you recover from your injuries.


The TAC can reimburse you for the cost of travelling to and from medical and other appointments that you have to attend as a result of your accident injuries. This includes paying for public transport, the use of your personal car and, in special cases, taxi costs. The TAC may also be able to provide travel support for parents of injured children or for the partner or child of an injured person.

Items marked with an asterisk* are subject to the medical excess.