Dietitians and weight management

We’re here to help you get your life back on track after your transport accident. To help with significant weight or appetite issues caused by your transport accident, we will pay for dietitian consultations and weight management treatments provided in Australia.

In the first 90 days after your accident, the TAC can help pay for this treatment without the need for you to contact us for approval first.

When you need to contact us for approval

You or your provider need to contact the TAC for approval of this treatment if:

  • It is approaching or more than 90 days since your accident and we have not approved further treatment or services, or
  • It has been more than 6 months since you’ve had any treatment or service paid for by the TAC.

When we can pay for dietitian services and weight management

If your doctor recommends that you need to see a dietitian after your transport accident the TAC can approve this treatment.

We will pay for you to visit your doctor or other health professional so you can discuss your needs with them. If you have had a significant weight gain, weight loss or an appetite issue caused by your transport accident and it can’t be fixed by normal exercise or diet, they can refer you to a dietitian.

Where appropriate we will work with your treating team to help coordinate the dietetics and other support you need.

We may contact your dietitian to discuss your progress or request an assessment to make sure that:

  • You have access to the most appropriate treatment and support.
  • You are getting proven, evidence-based treatment and not getting treatment that isn't helping you recover.
  • You are moving towards getting your life back on track or being able to live independently.

Treatments and services we can't pay for

We cannot pay for services that:

  • Do not treat your transport accident injuries.
  • Are not reasonable, necessary or appropriate.
  • Are not clinically justified, safe and effective.

We can only pay for dietitian consultations and weight management services if you have had a significant weight gain, weight loss or an appetite issue caused by your transport accident and it can’t be helped by normal exercise or diet.

We cannot pay for commercial weight management programs or food and meal replacement services such as Weight Watchers, Light N’Easy, Jenny Craig or Optifast.

What do dietitians do?

Dietitians provide a range of evidence-based nutrition services and dietary counselling. They can help you maintain a healthy weight and plan nutritional diets and menus.

For more information please see the following resources:

How treatments and services are paid for

We pay for your treatment:

  • Directly to your dietitian, when you have given them your TAC claim number, or
  • If you have to pay, use myTAC to send a copy of your receipt to us and we will repay you.

We pay for your services in line with our responsibilities under the Transport Accident Act 1986.

How much will you pay for my treatment?

We will pay for your treatment and services according to our fee schedule. If your provider charges more than the TAC rate, you may need to pay the difference.

For a list of TAC rates, see:

For providers

If you are a dietitian or provider of weight loss services, please refer to our TAC provider guidelines.